Brewster, A Cape Cod Town Remembered

The Brewster Historical Society, Introduction by John Hay.

The Town of Brewster has a vital history, much of it tied to its shores and the oceans beyond; this effectively took its inhabitants around the world without benefit of jet propulsion.
Turn back to the great days of the clipper ships, manned and captained by many Brewster men. Brewster was a town that had a future, with lightning and with flying clouds... 

First Printing, 1976, soft cover, 76 pages filled with early images of Brewster's people and its' landmarks, $12.95   Click here to order


Elijah Cobb: The Recollections of a Cape Cod Mariner

Edited by Deborah Hill
In 1843, at the age of 75, Elijah Cobb wrote this memoir for his grandchildren. In it, he describes his "avenchures," telling of his captures and escapes as he dodges the English and the French who close each other's ports, hoping to starve one another into submission. The confiscation of his ship and cargo by the French, his meeting with Robespierre (whose name he cannot spell), smuggling, creating alternative trade routes, beating the Embargo of 1807, being captured by the British as the War of 1812 opens -- these are recounted with wry humor and a certain flair.
Published 2012, paperback 122 pages, North Road Publishing $11.95  Click here to order


Painting a Time in Text and Photographs: The Diary of Caroline Atherton Dugan

Caroline Dugan, great granddaughter of renowned shipmaster Elijah Cobb, was a writer, photographer and the librarian of the Brewster Ladies' Library from 1876-1879. Caro was a vivid chronicler of the beauty and drama of everyday Brewster life from 1873-1878 and her impressions of Brewster were also preserved in her photographs taken between 1887 and 1914. The publication of this diary by the Brewster Ladies' Library was made possible with a grant from The Mary-Louise Eddy and Ruth N. Eddy Foundation. The images are from the Caro A. Dugan collection, courtesy of The Brewster Historical Society.  $15   Click here to order


Cape Cod Masters of the Seas

By local author, Joan Paine. 

Extraordinary tales of Brewster's Shipmasters and Packet Captains. There is every indication that Brewster sea men did indeed take great pleasure in going to sea, pleasure in the constant challenges, pleasure in overcoming apparently insurmountable problems... pleasure in the dangers of unfamiliar, uncharted seas... 

First Printing, 2000, soft cover, 110 pages, $14.95  Click here to order


Exploring Brewster: Footsteps To The Past

By local Brewster author, Myka-Lynne Sokoloff, illustrated by Jane A. MacKenzie. 

As you explore Brewster, smell the salty air of the bay over which the Mayflower sailed. As you walk the beaches, paths and streets of Brewster, listen for the echo of footsteps of those who walked here hundreds and even thousands of years ago... 

1998. A book for children (and adults!), soft cover, 84 pages, $12.95  Click here to order


Looking Back, the Manuscript of Sarah Augusta Mayo

From the archives of The Brewster Ladies Library Association, Edited by Janine M. Perry. 

The history of Sarah Augusta Mayo's family and their life in Brewster, Massachusetts circa 1830-1870. The irony of the time, Augusta's time, is that in the midst of prosperity there is an exodus of the young men to other parts of the country in search of economic opportunity. The manuscript is peppered with such memories ~ of young men who leave to seek a more prosperous life to the west... 

First Edition, 2003, soft cover, 144 pages, $15.00   Click here to order


Images of America, Brewster

By The Brewster Historical Society. 

Here is Brewster, represented in photographs taken during an era that is long gone by. To be sure, there are still many cranberry bogs, houses, and churchyards that recall the old days, but the exciting age of seafaring, stagecoaches and even trains is a memory except in books and old photographs... 

2002, soft cover, 128 pages filled with the images of Brewster's people and its' landmarks, $19.99

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By the Side of the Sea, A Love Affair With a Road, Route 6A, Cape Cod

By local Brewster authors, Steve Cady and Carmel Cady, photography by Barton Silverman. 

For generations, Route 6A has captured the imagination of not only Cape Codders but people throughout the country. It is a narrow, two lane, tree-lined winding road with antique stone walls,  white-painted fences, handsome old houses, antique cemeteries and churches. But it's greatest magic: it runs along by the side of the sea.

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The Widows War

A Novel by local Brewster author, Sally Gunning.  * Autographed by author -- while supply lasts! 

In a small Cape Cod village (Brewster) in 1761, one woman is about to engage in the struggle of her life, defying her family, friends and neighbors in a fight for her freedom that resonates even today. 

"Historical fiction at its best." -- Library Journal

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A Novel by local Brewster author, Sally Gunning.  * Autographed by author -- while supply lasts! 

With Bound, this wonderfully talented writer returns to pre-Revolutionary New England and evokes a long-ago time filled with uncertainty, hardship, and promise.

"Gunning's writing is so vivid you can taste the salt in the Cape Cod air." -- Geraldine Brooks

Available in Hard Cover $24.95, soft cover, $13.99
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The Rebellion of Jane Clarke

A Novel by local Brewster author, Sally Gunning. * Autographed by author -- while supply lasts! 

From Sally Gunning, the critically acclaimed author of The Widow’s War and Bound, comes The Rebellion of Jane Clarke, the compelling story of a young woman caught between tradition and independence, family and conscience, loyalty and love, on the eve of the Revolutionary War. Combining actual historical figures and events, like John Adams and the Boston Massacre, with enthralling fictional creations revolving around Brewster's infamous Winslow-Clarke feud over the mill stream, author Gunning brings to vivid and unforgettable life the world of Colonial America on the brink of momentous upheaval and change. 

"Gunning's storytelling captures the paradox at the heart of colonial women's lives." -- Boston Globe

First Edition 2010. Available in Hard Cover $24.99, soft cover, $13.99 (see below)
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With a Passion for Brush and Palette: Giddings H. Ballou and his Cape Cod Portraits c. 1841 - 1861

Text by Ellen St. Sure, funded by a grant from The Sam Spiegel Foundation. 

Filled with color plates of “Cape Cod Portraits” attributed to Ballou and believed to have been painted during his visits in Truro, Brewster and Chatham. 

2003, soft cover, 39 pages, $14.95  * limited availability, while supplies last

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